Monday, January 07, 2008

But I can’t feel it in the air tonight

For the last 3 out of 4 nights I have had dreams including Phil Collins. In one dream I was a roadie for an indie band who was playing a show at the Vic. I was setting up the drums and played “In the Air Tonight” on them. In the following dream I was in a karaoke bar somewhere, singing “Sussudio”. And in the last (hopefully) dream, I was walking along, having a conversation with someone, who was speaking the lyrics of “I don’t care anymore”. The past 2 times I have driven, Phil Collins was on the radio when I started the car! What does this mean? Why is Phil Collins stalking me? What did I do to him? What does he have in store for me? Why can’t I be stalked by Ted Leo or Sam Cooke? I really have to make this stop, it is just so weird.


Sonya said...

Some people would kill to have this experience. You're obviously experiencing a miracle, and I would like you to bless me the next time we get together. And gimme some wine.

Stef said...

A Genesis miracle? Yesterday I put on my I-pod and the first song that played was The Postal Service's cover of "Against all Odds". I just keeps going. I will bless you with the power of Sussudio, and give you loads of wine very soon.