Sunday, March 30, 2008

Good times.

Did you say we were heading out for some peat moss?

Get out, that is so rad

I love peat moss!


Miss E said...

Hey, I recognize that shirt! I also see more of you in his face than I remember seeing before. Cute all the way around.

Bari said...

Oliver is adorable! He looks just like you!

Stef said...

E-I want to get it my size, I think maybe they make it. It is funny, sometimes he is a bit more Sasha, and sometimes he is all me.

Thanks Bari! He is too adorable, in that way where we could just run all over us and we won't know what happened, because he was just too damn cute. We're in trouble for sure.

Leah said...

is your son wearing a shirt with a bike on it? that's fantastic! :)

Stef said...

It is a shirt with a bike on it! They are sold are