Friday, March 14, 2008

She’s Alive!

I am finally feeling totally better, just in time to pack up and head up north for Spring Break ’08, only there will be no kegs off of hotel balconies this year (not that there were last year either), no, not for the grown ups. It took me over a week to get over this flu/cold/SARS/ebola, which is just crazy for me. I am normally and get in and get out kind of sick girl, I have never been really sick with a fever, the whole nine yards, for much more than 24 hours before, but then again I haven’t really been around germs so much while also being so sleep deprived. I blame this bout on the germy little heathens at the library baby lap times. Oh those “innocent” little babies are secretly plotting, Children of the Corn style, to knock us off one flu at a time. The scenario plays out something like this: the box of toys busts out and the little boogers make a bee line for their weapon of choice, they drool, chew, and slobber all over the lot, pass them around ensuring maximum coverage of their death juice, and then oh so sweetly, oh so coy they make their move…little Taylor holds out her sweet little hand to give you the ball she has been sucking on for the past ten minutes, thrusts it in your face while cooing and smiling so big at you, you take it and say thank you, thank you for sharing sweet baby, and just like that the SARS bomb has been dropped on you. The library is their war zone and they will take you down with their brand of gorilla, biological warfare, and you won’t even know what happened. The babies are staging a coup, along with the grey hairs in my head, and it is not pretty. I am on to their game now, though I have no clue how to engage in a counter attack or even a defense plan, but I’ll come up with something. There is no way I can continue to let something that runs around like a drunken drooling monkey babbling in sweet incoherent gibberish take me down like a sumo wrestler again, oh no, I will be on my A game next time.

Spring Break! Let’s go Minnesota. You little public library heathens be warned, we will be back, and then its go time.

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VeganLinda said...

I hope you are having a marvelous time and you are oh so right about those little ones...germ warfare in such a cute little package.