Friday, April 25, 2008

To see or not to see

This week I went to Illini Eyecare to update my prescription and get new lenses put in my lovely Oliver Peoples frames. The exam went all right, but picking up my new glasses suddenly became a disaster when I was having them fitted. When I initially tried on my frames they just needed a slight adjustment, I had these frames from my previous prescription so they really just needed to be a bit tighter. The technician took them back to make the adjustment and when she brought them back they were completely out of whack, so much so that I don’t know how she could have possibly made them so twisted, but she took them back to try again and a slight twinge of panic started to sweep over me. I hate to sound so materialistic, but these frames were really great, and really expensive, which is why I was holding on to them. I have 2 pairs of glasses that I love, the black ones I currently wear and my Oliver Peoples, and I rotate between them instead of getting new frames every time I need new glasses; they are both expensive frames and I spent a lot of time seeking them out as they are something I wear everyday. The technician came back with my even more distorted frames, took them to another technician who continued to twist them and misshape them until he brought them up front showed them to the initial technician, they shook their heads, and he brought them to me saying “the thing about plastic is…” They were totally broken. They completely broke my glasses, my $250 Oliver Peoples frames that I loved. I was prepared to stay calm; surely they could fix this or do something to rectify the situation. No… they did nothing. They did not acknowledge they broke my glasses, they did not apologize, they did not offer to rectify the situation in any way, in fact, after they handed my twisted glasses back to me, the walked away and ignored me, just hoping I would leave and forget the whole thing. I had to demand that they refund the cost of the lenses, which they had to go have a secret talk about, causing me to become more and more angry with them. They informed me that a refund on the lenses would be all they could do for me, to which I replied “I seriously doubt it, you broke my frames, you could apologize and offer to fix the situation.” I wasn’t yelling exactly, but I wasn’t being very calm either. I am so angry about the whole situation. I am so angry that they broke my glasses. I am so angry that they did not acknowledge this or even apologize, and I am so angry that they did nothing to rectify the mistake. I just don’t know what to do, but I feel very strongly that they should offer me frames of a similar value, or offer to pay for another pair of Oliver Peoples (which they don’t carry), or offer to refund the cost of the frames to me. They need to do something to rectify this situation; I just don’t know how to get them to do that. I am always just such a pushover when people screw me over, I never do anything. But this is just wrong, and I am so mad, and I never spend money on anything, because it is just stuff, but these were my glasses, what I need to see, everyday. Glasses matter to me, I guess just not to them. So what do I do? Do I sue them? Stage a sit in? Protest? Yell at them everyday? Hangout with dark glasses and a cane? How do I get them to rectify their mistake?

I hate being this angry, it is no good.


Miss E said...

I had several frustrating experiences at Illini Eyecare, but none as frustrating as this. They charged me what I'm confident was twice the price for my replacement clip sunglasses last year, then tried to send me to collections for not paying a third time (I didn't, they eventually dropped it). My doctor there was shitty, and I had to go to a specialist elsewhere to convince him that I needed different contacts (they didn't fit right and were causing abrasions). Ugh. I'm sorry.

SunDivKari said...

Miss E,

I am a Consumer Specialist at Oliver Peoples and came across your blog. Do you still have the frame the store bent out of whack? Are the lenses ok? Could you please email me and let me know? The store is completely out of line and if they are so unhelpful, I will be more than happy to try.


Sonya said...

Whoa - that's a lot of awesomeness at Oliver Peoples!

I was going to say that I had a similar experience with my bike at Champaign Cycle, and it's a lot easier to get indignant when it's not my situation!

Even better than having to growl at them is to have a representative alight (out of nowhere!) to help!

Stef said...

No kidding! Oliver Peoples is awesome! Frames are on their way to West Hollywood to see about being saved! Who knew such awesomeness existed?

Kasia said...

I hate Illini Eyecare with a passion. I honestly believe the screw people over continually because their clients are mainly students and they can get away with it. I have a pair of glasses I got from them that they have attempted to fix twice, but they are still unwearable. Each time I go in they act like it is somehow my fault that I can't see out of the glasses they made me. I dread going back again, so I just wear my contacts.

I hope they can fix your frames!