Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Soapbox

The United States is the only industrialized nation that does not have a universal health care system. Health care is not something that should be allowed to be affected by capitalism. It should not be a business; no one should be making profits off of health care. It should be a basic human right, just like education. Look at what private schools have done to our public education system. Public schools are seriously lacking the funding and resources they need to do their job, if everyone sent their children to public schools, and invested their resources in them, they would be able to offer an exceptional education for everyone. Privatized education is really only a paid for version of separate but equal, but only nothing is even close to being equal; our privatized health care system is nothing different. Just like a good education should never be for sale, health care should never be for sale, or something only the wealthy can afford. Everyone needs and deserves healthcare; no one should ever go broke because they get cancer or lose their home because they can not pay for their medical bills. In our capitalist society, it is impossible for everyone to have a job, there are just not enough jobs to go around; it is impossible for everyone to have a full-time job, or a job paying $100,000 a year. It just does not work for everyone, it is an impossibility for everyone to achieve “the American dream” (it’s a called a dream for a reason right, it’s not “the American reality”, or even “the American possibility”). The few people who are fortunate enough to have a full time job, or work for a company that actually provides health care are very lucky, but they are not the majority. We would never allow an education system to be set up the way our current health care system is. I have never found anyone who thinks that either are not basic human rights or not equally important. Yet there are people out there fighting to keep our current health care system that does not work, I don’t understand how people can be so afraid of providing health care for everyone. Everyone knows someone who has been laid off, or is a student or is self employed or works for a company that does not offer health insurance. Everyone knows someone who does not have health insurance. How could everyone not want their friends and family to be able to go to the doctor if they get sick? Of course taxes will be higher; but if you have health insurance, you already have money taken out of your paycheck to pay for it, you already have to pay high premiums, and you already pay taxes for medicade and medicare. If health care is universal, you are only paying for it once, out of your taxes, and you never have to worry about going to a doctor if you get sick and paying a premium for a surgery that you can’t really afford, but need because it could save your life. Right now, if you are a tourist in France, and you fall and break your leg, you can go to a hospital and have it taken care of, and you don’t have to worry whether or not you can afford it; your leg is broken, you shouldn’t have to worry, you should be able to get it fixed. That is amazing; every country should be so concerned about the well being of all people. Our taxes right now are used for mass destruction and the killing of other human beings for absolutely no reason, and we can’t allow people to go to the doctor if they are sick? It is shameful. I am so tired of the fear mongering going on right now over the health care debate. These “tea parties” look more like KKK rallies, and people have lost all rationality over this. No one in this country is suffering taxation without representation; no one is going to be killed off if there is universal health care. People should really be ashamed of them selves for acting like this, it is disgusting to see. Everyone who has a job pays taxes, we don’t get to dictate where they are spent, but an ethical community takes care of its citizens, all of them, equally. Our taxes need to go to universal health care, it is a basic human right and we should be ashamed of ourselves for taking this long to provide it, and for being so irrational over it. I don’t understand other human beings that live in this world amongst other human beings and have no concern for the welfare for their neighbors. If you don’t want your government to provide your healthcare, than you have an option to opt out of society; you do have an option to not pay taxes, yet you also to choose to not be able to vote or ever receive any sort of socialized service our government already provides. We all make up this society, we are all a part of our whole, and we should all want basic human rights to be provided for the greater good of our society, for the greater good of the whole. There really shouldn’t be a debate here, it is time to be rational, think clearly, and be human. We have to stop fighting each other, and allowing capitalism to stop us from being rational, ethical human beings. We all will need help in some form or another at one point in our lives, we all will go through some sort of difficulty, why do we want to keep holding people down and denying them their most basic of human needs? Let everyone have health care, let’s be decent for once and show the world that the United States values humans above profits just this once.

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VeganLinda said...

Amen, sista!!! Amen!